our values and purpose

The best life possible

our purpose

We commit to supporting you live the best life possible.

Wherever you live, whatever service you access, the Barunga Village team are committed to supporting you live, the best life possible.

What does the best life possible mean? We think it means, you feel listened to, have choices, are engaged, and receive care that best meets your needs. We want you to feel safe, that you belong and are content and comfortable with us.

We take pride in treating every person with respect. Everyone is an individual with different stories, unique interests and varying needs. We commit to really knowing our consumers, understanding them as people, personalising care and being responsive to their choices
wherever we can.

Ensuring you feel part of a community is important to us. We go out of our way to create connections, engage with the community and build support networks around people.

our values

Show kindness, support connections and strive to improve


• Genuinely care
• Approachable and friendly
• Take time to listen
• Understand and respect others
• Respond to needs

Kindness is about care and compassion, knowing where another person is in their life, and responding genuinely, as well as ethically to their needs and wants.

At Barunga Village, we are approachable and friendly, we take time to listen, to be present and develop a deep understanding of each individual. We are responsive and embrace people’s right to make informed choices wherever possible.


• Foster positive relationships
• Engage consumers
• Include everyone
• Value teamwork
• Connect with the wider community

Strong relationships, connecting people and ensuring they are engaged is important to us. We learn and use people’s names, we know something about their lives, and we create support networks.

At Barunga Village, we include everyone, embrace families, value teamwork and are actively immersed in the wider community. We want everyone to feel they are valued and involved.


• Recruit and develop quality people
• Learn from others
• Pursue new opportunities
• Inspire innovation
• Build great environments

We are determined to remain leaders in aged care and retirement living ensuring our service is recognised for excellence.

We know attracting, developing and retaining quality staff is the foundation of a successful organisation.

At Barunga Village, we learn and evolve, seek to innovate and expect everyone in our team to pursue better approaches that grow personal, as well as organisational capacity.